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Australia's Market Leader in Restricted Access Waste Management Solutions for Underground & Multi Level Carparks, Narrow Laneways, and Basements.

Our Customers

Services overview

Waste Wise Environmental® works with its customers to reduce the environmental impact of their waste by implementing a modern and efficient waste management and recycling system. Waste Wise Environmental® can take care of all your waste management requirements. Our services include;
  • Setting up the Waste Wise Recycling® system
  • Removing waste from your site and ensuring that it is recycled
  • Implementing independent safety management systems
  • Educating your staff about waste management and recycling
For more information refer to our Services & Consultancy pages to discover how Waste Wise Environmental® can meet your waste management and recycling needs.

Commingled Waste Recycling

Plastics, Paper/Cardboard, Aluminium & Glass - Waste Wise Evironmental® have partnered with VISY recycling to handle your Commingled Waste Recycling. VISY are a trusted household name, leading the recycling industry and using state of the art facilities and technology. We are proud to call VISY a commercial partner.

General Waste

All household general waste. General waste all heads to landfill sites around NSW & Victoria & New South Wales. It is our corporate responsibility to ensure we deliver best waste practices and enforce EPA guidelines within the buildings we service. The EPA Australia works alongside Federal, State and Local Governments to deliver better environmental practices to the people of Australia

Hard Waste

Waste Wise Environmental® can collect all your hard waste and will ensure it is recycled or disposed of using the most environmentally friendly methods available. We can collect items such as white goods, old or broken furniture and other household items.

Chute Cleaning

With a complete self contained unit using high pressure hot water jets, Waste Wise Environmental® can clean and sanitise rubbish chutes in multi-story developments. The technology uses 360-degree high pressure cleaning for garbage chutes. Scheduled either monthly or fortnightly Waste Wise Environmental® has the cleaning organised.

Cardboard & Paper

Cardboard & Paper are some of the easiest products to recycle. The benefit of recycling Cardboard & Paper is that they can be turned back into other Cardboard & Paper products. By maximising our reuse of these materials you can help to reduce the number of trees being cut down to create new products.


E-Waste contains various materials that can be harmful for the environment if not disposed of correctly. Waste Wise Environmental® can collect all your E-Waste and dispose of it securely and safely.

Bin Cleaning

Do you have unwanted smells from your garbage bins? Waste Wise Environmental® has introduced the latest technology in wheelie bin cleaning and sanitising. With a complete self-contained unit using high pressure hot water jets, Waste Wise Environmental® can clean and sanitise bins from within basements with minimal over spray.

Cardboard Balers

With Northern European countries leading the way with recycling products from the source. Waste Wise Environmental® has partnered with Finnish company Europress as an exclusive distributor for Australia. Europress balers are true leaders using the very best technology for the Baler industry. Balers allow for building operators and residences to utilise this technology allowing to free up space within recycling bins therefore keeping bin rooms in a tidier state and saving on costs.

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